ACCEDE Framework

Are you planning on buying a property?


A – Affordability is a simple test that most can clear themselves. It touches on 3 main components for paying for a home.

Cash, CPF, and Loan assessment. You can now check out your loan eligibility online with ease.


C – Comfortability touches on 2 components

Financing a new property should always be easy on your pocket. You being able to afford it doesn’t mean you can be comfortable paying for it. Always have a buffer and never overstretch your comfort.

Lifestyle is a great concern when it comes to comfort.

Will the new house tick all your requirements if not most of them?

Will that new house be able to fulfill your family plans and changes in years to come?

Is it something you like and makes you feel welcome every time you return?


E– Escapability is a must for every property

We know that the only certainty in life is there will always be uncertainties. In the event of sudden or life-changing events, your property should be liquidable.

Looking at PSF, we can decide if your house can fit this bill.

The Price of entry is important. Winning your neighbors in pricing is never something to be happy about.

The Supply and demand of your housing project should be healthy.

The Future outlook should carry potential growth. This is through the studies of the region and government plannings( Masterplan).

CED Formula

For comfortability, we will look at the CED formula of ACCEDE Framework.

Compute all figures to ensure that the new house will not overstretch your budget. Also, it must be comfortable on your mortgages.

Envisioning your future needs is important when buying a property. Be it for stay or investment, planning helps you achieve your goals.

The house chosen should be a Deliberated decision. The one that is most liked yet most logical of all the choices. A house could be the most expensive thing you buy in your life, make it count.