How I was “forced” into the property industry… So, we heard lots of stories about why people came into this career. Some were laid off, some were looking at the rewards, most were clueless.

For me, I was lost. I lost my purpose, I lost my direction, I simply did not know what I was doing anymore. It was a last attempt to regain myself as I drown in the dark, dark pool of despair.

Whenever I told people about my last job, their eyes opened with excitement and their interest goes wild. “Tell us how exciting was your job?” “What’s the weirdest case you have gotten?” “So do Men do it more or do the Women?” “Is it like the movies?”

Lots and lots of questions that only see the glamour and sparks but fails to see the darkness swallowing everyone involved. It was painful going through the motion case by case especially when you pass the end product to the clients. Few may smile, most may cry, some may feel that they found the closure they sought but all will lose a bit of themselves at that moment.

In the end, I was entangled in the wed of deceit and lies. I find it hard to find trust and I was slowly losing my loves. Everything seem like a lie and the only way for me was out. So, I left a company I cofounded and was jobless when my first born was coming. Fate has it that during this period, I got to know my first real estate manager that gave me hope in this new career. Call it light vs darkness if you will but against giving news of pain, I am starting to build hopes for tomorrow. Of course, it wasn’t that simple in the beginning and I did not earn a single cent in the first 3 years, depleting all my savings.

Slowly but surely, I picked back myself. Nope, I am not a producer after these years but when I look back my 12 years in the Real Estate career, I know I have made a great choice making my clients happier than before. Most importantly, I learnt that to chase your dreams, the supportive partner behind you is the single most significant thing that allows us to go forward. What are your thoughts on this? Can you share your thoughts in the comments?

Lastly, thank you so much dear. Without you, I wouldn’t have made it so far. I know I can go further because of you with me. And, this is Diary of a Property Agent #23 Thanks for staying with us and we hope to see you in the next episode.

I am Jowell, Let’s make you do well 🙏🏻

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