Hi, I’m Jowell

Hi, my name is Jowell Lim, aka Daddy Property Chef.

I am a daddy to my three lovely children. My mission is to help my clients get their dream homes. And I love cooking.

If you ask me why I became a property agent, the short answer is that this career had saved my soul. It has transformed my life. Sit with me for the next 5 minutes as I relate to you the true story of my life.

Once upon a time, I was the boss of a Private Investigation (PI) agency. Many think the work is as glamourous as the spy movies. You get to peek at the secret sins of those who led a double life and catch people in the act of losing their pants and bras.

But the reality is that there was no joy in exposing extramarital affairs. The truth hurt. It was breaking the families apart.

I quit the PI business and became jobless for months. Meanwhile, I was searching for my self-worth.

One day, destiny called, and I discovered my calling as a property agent. This job is more than a transaction of buying, selling, and renting.

It is about helping my clients find their dream home, a place to call their own. For some couples, it is a sacred space to raise a family. For others, a house is about building an investment in an asset that will assure their financial independence. It is about hope, financial security, and a better future.

I am more than a property agent. As a dad and husband, I can relate to my client’s problems, whether housing problems, domestic issues, or financial difficulties. I also wear the hat of a counselor and a friend.

What a joy to play a part in helping young couples start a family, seniors get their retirement assets, and families overcome their problems.

I found my happiness serving my clients over the last 14 years. My clients became my friends. As I listen to their stories, I learn life lessons. This job has transformed me to be a better person, help me understand others with empathy, and to be prudent.

Today, I am proud to say that I make a living by making people’s lives better, whether in asset growth or in the simple pursuit of happiness.

If you are looking for a suitable house or if you have any questions about properties, I will be happy to chat with you. So give me a call now at 8228 9955

Keep in touch!

Jowell Lim, aka Daddy Property Chef