Stop buying property emotionally, because if you are an emotional buyer, all agents will love you as their client…

Because you could likely buy on impulse. And if all your hard-earned savings are gone, well, the lives of you and your loved ones will definitely be affected.
I am also fearful of this, because every one of my client is a parent, a spouse or a child like you and me… I don’t want them to ever suffer the fate owing to an impulse buy.

This is why I came up with the ACCEDE Framework.

Think of it as a 3-step test (ACE Prudency Test) and a 3-step formula (CED Formula) to help them, and you, get the best home possible… without the need for any emotions and certainly impulse.

In this new series of 6 videos, let me bring you through each of the steps in ACCEDE, starting with this one where I will share with you why you must pass the first test – Affordability, before you do anything. If you cannot even pass this test, STOP thinking of buying.

A home is like a recipe. No such thing as perfect, but there is one that fits your family’s every need. Let us find it together❣️

I am Jowell, let’s make you do well.

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