Part 2 of District 10… So after going thru the Masterplan and Fengshui of Bukit Timah, we look at other parts of D10. Tanglin, Ardmore, and Holland. These are beautiful and expensive parts of D10. How are they holding up and how is the luck and future progress going to be? Join us on the lunar 15th day of the eleventh month on the Chinese calendar.

Together with my friend, Master Jason of Wan Yan Fengshui Consultancy, we produced this new series.

“How to choose the right home in this bull market.”

See, the property market is going up like never before. Prices going north despite covid still looming around close. With so much uncertainty, shouldn’t you be buying with more prudence?

Jason and I came up with an amazingly simple plan for you. We will put districts through tests that will help you answer your doubts. With the ACCEDE framework, you can check whether your house is ideal with potential. I will show you the potential through data as well as the master plan. Jason’s 财气人 readings will help find that suitable house loaded with good Fengshui. Together, we help you identify what is more suitable for you and your loved ones.

On our fifth episode on 18th Dec @8:30pm, we will present District 10, Ardmore, Bukit Timah, Holland Road and Tanglin. Do click on the get reminder and like this post.

So, see you all and feel free to ask questions during the show.
PS, Master Jason will also be sharing Fengshui Tips during the show. So, don’t miss it.

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